Our working areas in Ethiopia

HELVETAS Ethiopia is involved in areas having an impact on people’s livelihoods: Institutional capacity development, environmental rehabilitation and improved natural resource management, rural infrastructure development in remote areas for water supply and improved access, as well as technical and vocational training to youth. Through such measures, HELVETAS Ethiopia enables disadvantaged people to actively determine and improve their living conditions.
Trail Bridge Capacity Building Programme (TBCBP)

Rural Infrastructure

The Trail Bridge Programme contributes to rural access, while the Rural Water Harvesting Initiative and the Amhara Integrated Rural WASH (AIRWASH) improve access to water. The three projects are aligned to HELVETAS' corporate working area of Water and Infrastructure.
  • Pedestrian trail bridges improve rural mobility and access to services and markets; at the same time, capacity building of the partners in trail bridge technology and the South-South cooperation with HELVETAS Nepal strengthen the sustainability of introducing this technology in Ethiopia; through bridge construction activities, the programme also creates local employment and generates income
  • The Rural Water Harvesting Initiative focuses on collection of rain water for household purposes, as well as on the collection of run-off water for farming purpose (micro- irrigation); rainwater is collected in cisterns, while run-off water flows into small ponds; type and quality of cisterns and ponds have turned out as crucial as well as critical elements - and success factors - of the project
  • The AIRWASH project aims at empowering and enabling rural communities and their local governmental bodies to improve the access to water in remote areas; the support to the development of physical water structures like hand dug wells is linked with the training of local communities to plan, manage and monitor their water related issues; wherever HELVETAS works on water, it links its interventions to issues concerning sanitation and hygiene – WASH 
Natural resources management

Natural Resources Management

The Beles SUNRise Project (BSP), the Wag-Hemra Rural Future Initiative and FAO funded initiative in Dehana Woreda of Wag-Hemra Zone focussing on Disaster Risk Management - Innovative Agriculture Solutions contribute to this working area. NRM integrates the HELVETAS corporate thematic working areas of Environment and Climate Change and Rural Economy. The projects address:
  • Community based participatory watershed development, introduction of drought tolerant crops and forage species, improved livestock management and participation in policy dialogue
  • Enhancing communities’ capacity to adapt to climate change through capacity building, environmental rehabilitation, farming system adaption and income generation measures
  • Farming system diversification and intensification, acquisition of productive assets (e.g. ponds, bee hives) and value chain development (e.g. Beles fresh fruit), hillside communal land allocations to poor and disadvantaged, and participation in policy dialogue

Support to Local Governments and CSO

The Capacity Building of Councils (CBoC) project and an initiative with CCRDA to strengthen CSO contribute to this working area, which is aligned to the corporate working area of Governance and Peace.
  • The CBoC project focusses on capacity building of Councils at Regional, Woreda (District) and Kebele (village) levels and addresses existing structures like Standing Committees, Caucus of Women Councillors, Forum of Socio-economic Experts for strengthened performance of local governance; it promotes adequate consultative and feedback mechanisms to address peoples’ needs and to provide quality services; CBoC raises awareness of communities on core duties of Councils, and supports the development of a Regional Capacity Building Strategy of Councils for upscaling the ongoing initiative
  • HELVETAS entered into a strategic partnership with the Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Associations (CCRDA) to support and strengthen civil society organisations; under this initiative thematic forums and networks and their regional presence are strengthened with emphasis on capacity building; it further aims at improving coordination and cooperation between CSO and strengthening self-regulatory accountability mechanisms; it also promotes an enhanced engagement and dialogue with the government at all levels

Skill Development and Education

With a view at the huge challenges concerning job creation and employment which Ethiopia faces, HELVETAS added the thematic working area of Skill Development and Education while developing its Country Programme Strategy 2014 - 2018. Focus of this working area will be on the facilitation of technical and vocational training and education (TVET). At present, an initiative called Skills and Knowledge for Youth (SKY) is at an advanced stage of planning and it is expected to launch this initiative during the first half of 2015.