Helvetas Projects in Ethiopia

Trail Bridge Capacity Building Programme

Breaking the physical, social & psychological barriers

Contributing to the improvement of livelihoods of rural communities through enhancing access to social and economic services.

Beles SUNRise Project

The green gold

The Beles SUNRise Project (BSP) merges the rich experience made in the Tigray Region with Helvetas Beles (Cactus) Development Project (HCDP) and participatory community based watershed development (CBPWD). 
Capacity Building of Council Project

Enabling local governments towards their core duties

The project capacitates the councils at different levels and raises awareness of the partner communities and people on the core duties of the councils for strengthening local governance.
Rural Roof Water Harvesting Initiative

Rain water harvesting for
drinking water, food and income

In 2010, the Beles SUNRise Project (BSP) designed and successfully tested a low-cost roof water harvesting (RWH) system which uses locally available material and is suitable for community based manufacturing of its major components.
Wag-Hemra Rural Future Initiative Project

Towards sustainable rural change

Bench terrace construction
WH-RFI aims at strengthening the local capacity to implement a long-term strategy for environmental rehabilitation and rural development.

Strengthening Civil Society Organizations

Enhancing capability and accountability of CSOs

Contributing towards an enhanced role and performance of CSOs in Ethiopia in their efforts to alleviate poverty and ensure sustainable development.